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Affordable Registrant Housing In Boone, Kane, Lake, Will, & Winnebago Counties, Illinois

NewDay Apartments specializes in providing housing to sex offenders required to register under 730 ILCS 150.


About Us

NewDay's Mission: To make communities safer

NewDay Apartments was founded in 2016 to address one of the most important & least understood problems in the American justice system: how to safely house the ever growing number of registrants (the term NewDay uses for those on sex offender registries) in the United States today.

By providing registrants with safe, comfortable, affordable units in dispersed housing environments, NewDay has significantly reduced the recidivism of its tenants while providing registrants with the opportunity to live productive lives rather than repeat past mistakes.

In addition, NewDay saves working American taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by avoiding exorbitant prison costs and instead, asking registrants to pay their fair share in rent & related expenses.


Make Every Day a NewDay

NewDay Apartments Owns & Operates
All Our Properties

NewDay buildings are typically renovated after purchase, including upgrades such as new flooring, new windows, & fresh paint.  In addition, all NewDay properties meet or exceed building code standards where we operate.

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What Our Neighbors Say
About NewDay


"I'd MUCH rather have an offender living at an address than wandering the streets in my town."-HS


"I've lived in the neighborhood a long time and never seen anything out of the ordinary from the NewDay building.  In fact, it looks nicer than most homes on the block."-JC


"This is a good idea.  [NewDay housing] gives the offenders another chance for a new beginning to live a normal have to take safety precautions for anyone, but this idea will at least keep them off the streets."-RR


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