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NewDay Apartments Featured in Chicago Tribune

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

NewDay Apartments was featured in a recent Chicago Tribune article for its groundbreaking & unique approach to keeping Illinois communities safe. By housing registrants responsibly in dispersed housing like the building in question, the article noted that "housing sex offenders in clusters makes it easier for officials to monitor them and noted that the occupants of the Joliet building are mandated to attend therapy, wear GPS ankle monitors and are regularly visited by parole officers."

In addition, an attorney who is an expert in sex offender issues stated, "Every human being needs a safe and stable place to live including people who have committed a practical manner, [restricting sex offender housing] doesn’t make communities safer. It makes people homeless.”

Thanks to responsible oversight by NewDay & local law enforcement, the registrants living in the apartment building have lived entirely law-abiding lives since being released. Not one tenant has been accused of a new offense, much less convicted of one.

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